Slanj Events

Clackmannanshire's Whisky Festival signage and promotion

Clackmannanshire has a very unique and extremely interesting history of whisky production. With a passion for whisky and the history Clackmannanshire holds within the industry, the team at Slanj Events wanted to create an event that celebrated both while providing a platform and raising funds for local charities.

Clackmannanshire's Whisky festival outdoor PVC banner


We were thrilled to lend a creative hand in revamping their Clackmannanshire’s Whisky Festival logos, ensuring a cohesive brand identity that worked well across their marketing. We created a range of eye-catching outdoor and indoor banners, festival signage and some delightful souvenir pin badges. It was a tad windy for flying the festival flags at Alloa Town Hall, but that’s all part n parcel of oor Scottish weather.